Q:What time is set-up?

A: Typically an hour before the event.

Q: Can I set up if I arrive early ?

A: No 

Q: Are tables included in the price?

A: NO ! (Tables are an add on fee if available.)

Q:Do you guys do refunds?

A: Yes, If you contact us via email or phone within 48hrs of the event.

A 2: You can receive a voucher if you contact us via email or phone 24hrs before the event.

Q:Can I have the same vendor space?

A: No

Q: Is there electricity?

A: Upon request. Theres a limited source.  

Q: If my vendor slot is sold out can I do other?

A: NO ! Only if your category is not listed.

Q:Can I get extra space?

A: NO !

Q: What is the clean up fee?

A: If your vendor space has excess trash there will be a clean up fee held on your account.